Handcrafted Artisan Cheeses

Our line of artisan cheeses are made on site at our farm and aged in our picturesque aging room. As the seasons change, so too does the character of the milk. We prize these variations and craft season-specific cheeses to capitalize on the evolving flavors and components over the course of the year. Consequently, certain cheeses are only available during certain times of the year. Our cheesemakers are intimately engaged with our cheeses at every stage of development, from the curd to the cave. They culture, cut, press, mold, wash, brush and turn by hand to ensure each wheel ages to optimal maturity. The wheels mature together on wooden shelves in optimal conditions for natural aging. We allow the beneficial bacteria and mold to do the work of creating natural rinds and ideal flavor.

Seasonal. Handcrafted. Naturally Aged.

Fleur de la Terre

Our award-winning Fleur de la Terre is our take on a classic, natural rind Gouda. The gentle aging of this raw cheese results in a creamy yet firm texture that carries hints of the sweet herbs and grasses that grow on the rich bottomland where our herd grazes. Mild and buttery with a sweet, clean finish.

Crafted April to June. Aged 4-6 months.


Brick Street Tomme

Our full-fat version of tomme, a classic, semi-firm French raw cheese with a natural felted rind. Delightfully rustic with a semi hard texture and mottled rind, a buttery and delicate floral profile that will please any taste.

Crafted from October to November. Aged 4-6 months.


Riverbend Blue

An American style blue with notes of butter and pepper. This is a creamy and mild blue that any taste bud can enjoy.

Crafted year round


A raw, alpine-style cheese with a polished rind and well-balanced texture. Hints of hazelnut and floral notes accent its savory earthiness.

Crafted from July to September. Aged 4-6 months.


Sheet's Creet Cheddar

A raw, aged cheddar that is made with the traditional clothbound method dating back to the Middle Ages. Our unique process involves wrapping the wheels in cloth and rubbing them with organic lard. This method results in a more complex, sophisticated flavor with broad appeal and a textured rind once the cloth is removed.

Crafted from November to March. Aged 6 months.

Year-Round. Fresh.

Hillside Bloom

A soft, mold-ripened cheese with a smooth and elegant texture that softens with age, blended notes of butter and mushrooms. 8 oz. wheel is perfect for sharing.

Aged 2-6 weeks.


Red Barn

A pleasant stinker, but don’t let the aroma dissuade you because beneath the washed rind is a creamy paste with floral flavors that reflect the current season. Developing savory intensity as it reaches maturity.

Aged 2-6 weeks.


A soft, creamy French-Style cheese used for spreading, or as a dip, or a base for a variety of dishes. A favorite by many, available in plain, herb and spicy.


Cottage Cheese

This is old school cottage cheese, as in the kind that was made in cottages hundreds of years ago. We are keeping that tradition alive to give you cottage cheese as it was meant to be: tart cultured curds that are cut by hand and smothered in rich, creamy dressing.

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