Our Farm

Our Farm is located on the northwest side of Indianapolis and consists of 180 acres. Here we rotational graze our herd and produce hay for the winter. We strongly believe that cows raised on a 100% grass-fed diet and are free to roam in the pasture, produce one of the most healthful, nutritionally complete foods known to man: milk. Our Brown Swiss breed produces milk that is ideally suited in protein and fat levels for the dairy products we produce. Our animals never receive any grain or corn, our herd’s diet consists entirely of pasture grasses designed specifically for maximum health and sustainability. The milk from these grass-fed cows is rich in nutrients, good fats and flavor. Our soils are well-nourished and rich from years of rotational grazing, no chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are allowed under our organic certification, and our animals are not allowed to receive hormones or antibiotics. We embrace a holistic view of farming, and work hard to maintain an integrated, self-supporting system that connects our animals, their waste products, and the soil.