Who We Are

Traders Point Creamery is a family owned, 100% grass-fed farm, handcrafted creamery, and farmstead restaurant. It is Indiana’s first USDA certified organic dairy. We strive to reconnect people to their food and where it comes from. It is our passion to raise, craft, and serve food in harmony with the land to nourish all who share it.

Our organic certification insures that we don’t use synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, or growth hormones, which is as close to Mother Nature’s design as possible. Our brown Swiss herd is free to roam in our pastures on fertile soil.

We believe that the art of good cheese begins beyond the borders of our production room. It is rooted in the pastures that nourish our herd with carefully cultivated grasses for grazing and bailing. Our cows are fed a 100% grass diet so that the milk they produce is rich in nutrients, good fats and flavor.

Since 2003 our creamery has produced artisan dairy products, in small batches, using traditional methods. Minimally invasive methods have been used to retain as much of the milk’s natural flavor, character, and heath benefits as possible.

Our processes do include pasteurization, but we do not homogenize our milk as that changes the fat molecules from their natural state, preventing them from separating as they naturally would. Because it’s handled less and creates less damage to the fat molecules, non- homogenized milk is better for our bodies and may be an easier-to-digest product for those who do not typically tolerate dairy well. For those interested in raw milk products, we are able to offer raw, non-pasteurized cheese that has been aged a minimum of 60 days.

In grass feeding our cows, the fat in our milk has health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta carotene, and vitamins A and D. For this reason, our products contain primarily whole fat milk so that our bodies can benefit from these rich nutrients. Research has also shown that increasing healthy fats in the diet, and restricting carbohydrates, is actually the best way to lose weight.

Proudly, we take these processes all the way from the soil to our farmstead restaurant, and on- farm store, and we partner with other farms that share our mission. You are invited to share in this journey from our pastures to our plates.