Whole Milk

Our milk takes you back to an era where milk came direct from the cow. It is minimally processed in our vat-pasteurization tank at the lowest temperature allowable by state law. This slow, non-homogenized process allows the cream to float on top, as mother nature intended. This whole fat, creamy milk, not only tastes good, but is one of the most healthful, nutritionally complete foods known to man

Chocolate Milk

Our rich and creamy chocolate milk has been compared to melted chocolate ice cream, and more than a fair number of customers have confessed to being addicted to it. We use our 100% grassfed whole milk, premium Dutch-style organic chocolate, and organic dehydrated cane sugar juice for a chocolate milk that is heavy on the chocolate and light on the sugar.


Our milk is available for purchase at our farm store, in returnable glass bottles.