Join Us on a Journey of
Sustainable Vineyards
and our Cuisine

A Five-Part Series of Sustainable Wines and Culinary Pairings

One of our most educational culinary invitations of the year! Join us as we kick off 2024 with a unique assortment of wines and pairings from producers that are stewards of the land. The culinary program at Traders Point Creamery focuses on the land and celebration of organic offerings. "B Side Select", experts in sustainably grown wines, takes pride in being able to trace origins of their beverages back to an individual or family that are dedicated, responsible producers. Embark on a captivating journey of our five-part series of wines paired with our thoughtfully selected cuisine. You will be guided through the unique flavors and profiles of a choice selection of wines from various corners of the world, and our culinary team will be creating pairings to savor. Expand your palate, engage in interactive tastings, and cultivate your knowledge of the culture of artisanal, sustainable wine and cuisine.

January 16 - Wine 101

This class is a great introduction to the world of sustainable wine, you will learn how to identify the basic characteristics. A variety of wines will showcase acid, tannin, body, and alcohol. These wines will be paired with our own, award winning cheese, and you will deepen your understanding of the craft of cheesemaking. This class is a great introduction to the world of wine for those that wish to pursue their passion for both wine and the perfect pairing!

February 13 - Wines to Love
Fall in love with the intricacies of sweet wine and the making process. These wines have lighter bodies and with rich sweet notes. Sip and learn while enjoying a pairing of an exclusive dessert board created by our pastry Chef, Anna.

March 12 - Reds of the Old World

What makes a wine an "Old World" wine? We will discuss key characteristics and winemaking traditions that embody the term. You will have the opportunity to experience wines from Europe that are distinctive by their "terroir". Sip unique wines paired with the season's most flavorful samplers from our culinary team.

April 16 - Seasonal New World Whites
We will launch the spring season with white winemaking techniques that produce flavor notes of various fruits. You will be able to explore lesser known varieties and enjoy a pairing of our fresh spring collection of cheese.

May 14 - Sparkling
Bubbles aren't just for celebrating but you may be inclined to toast after this class. Explore sparkling wine history, grapes, regions and techniques. Taste through various expressions of sparkling wines that will be paired with the perfect cheese from our Creamery.

Attend all or any class of interest. Perfect gift for those wanting to deepen their knowledge of sustainable wine, or the everyday wine lover.

Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase wines at each class.


Individual Class: $70/person
Full Series: $300/person

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