Chef's Dinner - Traders Point Creamery

Chef's Dinner

Thursday March 24, 2022

Nothing brings us together quite like inspired meals and delicious wine pours! Our Executive Chef Jon Warner and Joseph Davey are partnering at the Farm for a classic culinary event.

Enjoy a curated wine tasting with a special coursed menu from Chef Warner inspired by dishes from southern Italy.

- Menu -

First Course
Mangalitsa Ragu Arancini 

Second Course
Bucatini Chi Sarti
sardines, pine nuts, saffron, sultana raisins

Third Course
Bronzino al Forno
castelvetrano olives, lemon, cherry tomato,
potato, cipollini onions

Fourth Course
stuffed beef roll, Caciocavallo cheese, boiled egg,
prosciutto, spinach

Fifth Course
Cassata Siciliana
marzipan, candied fruit, ricotta

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