Our Historic Barns

At Traders Point Creamery we strive to be a farm and food community that works in harmony with the land and that honors the generations of the past and future. Repurposing barns is an important piece of our overall vision for preserving the land and honoring its heritage. It is the same reason why we use organic farming methods, feed our cows solely on grass, and package all of our dairy products in glass. We choose what is timeless over what is merely temporary, and we enjoy allowing our guests to access the great work of humankind united with the work of nature.

The Loft Restaurant, Creamery, and Farm Store

The busiest of our four antique barns houses The Loft Restaurant, our cheese production, and our Farm Store that sells our award-winning organic, 100% grassfed milks, cheeses, and ice cream. It is an 1860s structure from Bluffton, Indiana, near the Wabash River. The hand-hewn beams reflect an era of skillful handcraftsmanship, when even the wooden pegs were carved by hand. We craft our cheeses on the lower level and age them in the aging room upstairs, in the dining room of The Loft Restaurant.

The Milking Parlor
Two “sister” barns came from a property in Geneva, Indiana, that date to the 1870s. One was reworked into our tandem-style milking parlor. Here our farmers milk our cows twice a day. You are welcome to view the structure, and our cows, during the evening milking.

The Red Barn
Our third barn, known simply as the big Red Barn, is a German heritage-style bank barn, with two levels that originally allowed for animals to be kept below and hay above. In a modern twist on its historic dual purpose, the lower level houses the milking herd during the winter and the upper level offers an exclusive event space for unique gatherings under vaulted wooden ceilings. 

The Equipment Barn

Equipment Barn

The first barn to be brought to the property was a former stallion barn with beautiful sixty foot cherry timbers. Our farmers use it as as their equipment barn and it also features with a long porch that overlooks our spring-fed pond that is often used as an event space.