A Purposeful Pasture: What’s On Our Cows’ Plate?

One of the great virtues of sustainable, 100% grassfed organic farming is how it forces us to take a long view. Rather than settling for a quick fix - like feeding grain, administering antibiotics, or spraying chemicals - we consider the lasting implications and long-term impact. Here's one current example here on our farm... It may still be summer here [...]

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4 Ways Organic & 100% Grassfed Dairy Scores Big

Each day there's a competition that plays out on fields all across the country. The players are big-eyed bovines like our own 100% grassfed Brown Swiss cows on our organic farm - and they go up against their fellow cows in conventional farms around the U.S. The stakes are high, because our health and the [...]

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Nourish – for the New Year!

Have you ever seen milk right after it comes out of the cow, still warm and frothy? It is pure white – just about the best symbol we know of for freshness and new beginnings. The only other image that comes close is new-fallen snow, and that has been in short supply here in Indiana [...]

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4 Things To Love About October on the Farm

In our minds, autumn and farms belong together, and neither need any introduction to justify our praise of their virtues. So without further ado, here are 4 things we can all love about this season on our farm... Changing Colors  There is a particular beauty to every  season on our farm and different  pieces of [...]

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Staff Picks: Director of Products, Justin

One of the best things about working at Traders Point Creamery and The Loft Restaurant is, as you can imagine, the food! We love tapping into our staff members’ affection for our products to let them share with you, in their own words, how they are inspired to eat well, cook creatively, and live vibrantly.  [...]

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Practicing Gratitude this Memorial Day – and Every Day!

“Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make good use of it.”   –John Adams This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day – an occasion that means much more than just barbeques and a day off work (though we certainly love these opportunities to [...]

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“Fascinated by the workings of the natural world”: An Interview with our Gardener

If you ever visit us and happen to pass by our organic garden at the front of our property, you won't be able to hover around the fringes for long. A friendly wave and a hearty welcome from our gardener Darin will invite you into the space to wander among the rows and experience the [...]

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Spring Has Sprung at The Loft!

The sea of green that transforms our landscape and our table heralds the coming of Spring in the Midwest. After winter months spent drawing on the stores of the larder, spring allows us to throw open our kitchen doors and welcome once again fresh food straight from the land. As the new plants in our [...]

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