Recipe: Frozen Berry Yogurt & Granola Bites

These simple little frozen bites are the perfect - and most nourishing - way to cool off on a hot summer day. They're like a frozen yogurt parfait you can hold in your hand! Feel free to play around with flavors - substituting different yogurts and topping with different fruits for a twist on this [...]

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Recipes to Celebrate a Summer Holiday

No celebration is complete without good food, and we are firm believers that good food tastes better when shared with great people. When the food has been prepared with wholesome, organic ingredients, the reasons to celebrate just multiply! To assist in your weekend festivities, however large or small, we offer two recipes from our kitchen [...]

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Recipe: Bloomy Puff

Our Boone County Bloomy cheese is a darling little round with a light, brie-like flavor and a lovely soft mold-ripened rind. When tucked inside pastry, the Bloomy becomes like a perfect little present all wrapped up for the holidays! Add a touch of red jam and you are all set for a holiday party appetizer [...]

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Recipe: Pumpkin Cherry Bread

Allow us to present to you what is perhaps the most perfect of all autumn breads. Moist, pumpkin-y bread studded with tart dried cherries and spiced with warming flavors of fall like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. At our Farm Store we work hard to carry high-quality organic and artisan products that are both tasteful and [...]

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Recipe: Baked Bloomy Crock

from the recipe files of The Loft Restaurant, compliments of our chef, Brandon Canfield... This recipe for our Bloomy Crock at The Loft Restaurant is great for a shared first course or appetizer. The beauty of this dish is its adaptability. You can use any ovenproof crock you prefer, but we use enameled cast iron [...]

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Homemade Organic Pumpkin Spice Latte

Few of us can resist the appeal of a warm and foamy Pumpkin Spice Latte when autumn arrives, but we certainly don't need to sacrifice nutrition or flavor to enjoy this beloved seasonal drink! Try this real-food version that takes advantage of local and organic products we sell in our Farm Store... Organic Pumpkin Spice [...]

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The Loft Restaurant: Chicken & White Bean Stew

With the Winter Solstice - the shortest daylight of the year - just a couple days away and Christmas upon us next week, we have fully entered into wintertime mode around here. The chilly days and early evening darkness call for fare that is comforting, warming, and nourishing. Soups and stews fit the bill perfectly [...]

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Our Pickling, Preserving & the Pilgrim Tradition (+ a recipe!)

On a shelf in our kitchen, a row of containers quietly pass the days, unassumingly keeping company with serving dishes and wooden cutting boards. Inside these containers resides a host of vegetables from our garden, displaying a rainbow of colors floating in a saltwater or vinegar brine. The art of fermentation is transforming them into [...]

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Honey-Mint Vinaigrette from The Loft Restaurant

This light and refreshing dressing is perfect for summer salads. At The Loft, we use the wild-harvested mint that grows beside our farm’s pond and honey from a local beekeeper. Perhaps you have some mint growing in your yard, too - and if not, we’re sure you can find a neighbor or friend who is [...]

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