A Purposeful Pasture: What’s On Our Cows’ Plate?

One of the great virtues of sustainable, 100% grassfed organic farming is how it forces us to take a long view. Rather than settling for a quick fix - like feeding grain, administering antibiotics, or spraying chemicals - we consider the lasting implications and long-term impact. Here's one current example here on our farm... It may still be summer here [...]

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Recipes to Celebrate a Summer Holiday

No celebration is complete without good food, and we are firm believers that good food tastes better when shared with great people. When the food has been prepared with wholesome, organic ingredients, the reasons to celebrate just multiply! To assist in your weekend festivities, however large or small, we offer two recipes from our kitchen [...]

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What Does “Whole Milk” Really Mean?

Q: Your milk is labeled "whole milk." What does that actually mean? Our answer: Great question! We are glad you asked, because some clarification is helpful here regarding standard industry practice vs. our products. According to federal regulations, in order for milk to be labeled "whole milk" it must contain a minimum of 3.25% butterfat. [...]

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Spring’s Newest Arrivals for Easter Weekend!

At the heart of Easter is the celebration of new life and new beginnings. In the budding days of Spring here at our farm and creamery, it is easy to find signs of new life popping up everywhere. We relish the opportunity for you to join with us, from near or far, in delighting at [...]

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Green. It’s Who We Are.

Colors define us – who we are and what we stand for. As Americans, we pledge allegiance to the "Red, White & Blue." Watch any news channel right now and you’ll find maps of the U.S. peppered with red and blue. Pink, and its signature ribbon, pops up in all kinds of places, including NFL uniforms. Our [...]

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Discover the Difference: Organic vs. Non-GMO

Have you heard much of the buzz about GMO labeling or seen the non-GMO label on products at the grocery store? The “Non-GMO Project Verified” label is the fastest growing label in the natural products industry, representing $11 billion in annual sales and more than 27,000 verified products. Consumer demand for accurate labeling has been [...]

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Dairy Clarity: a Cardiologist Speaks

Let's celebrate Valentine's Day the truly heart-felt way! Is there any better way to honor this holiday of the heart than by honoring your own heart's health? We are excited to bring you an interview with Dr. Anthony Pearson, a clinical cardiologist and medical director at St. Luke’s of Chesterfield near St. Louis, Missouri, the [...]

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The Skinny on Butterfat – and Why You Need It

Unfortunately “fat” has become something of a dirty word in our culture (which we’re on a mission to help change!), so when it comes to talking about dairy and cows, you would probably be in good company if you had difficulty making positive associations with a term like “butterfat.” But when it comes to healthy [...]

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6 Things to Love About Cheese for National Cheese Lovers Day!

Can there be a better day of the year than National Cheese Lovers Day? We can think of dozens of ways to celebrate this amazing food - and you probably can, too. To help you get started in honoring the almighty cheese, here are six fascinating facts about this darling of the dairy world... 1. If [...]

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