Spring’s Newest Arrivals for Easter Weekend!

At the heart of Easter is the celebration of new life and new beginnings. In the budding days of Spring here at our farm and creamery, it is easy to find signs of new life popping up everywhere. We relish the opportunity for you to join with us, from near or far, in delighting at [...]

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The Skinny on Butterfat – and Why You Need It

Unfortunately “fat” has become something of a dirty word in our culture (which we’re on a mission to help change!), so when it comes to talking about dairy and cows, you would probably be in good company if you had difficulty making positive associations with a term like “butterfat.” But when it comes to healthy [...]

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Merry Christmas from Our Traders Point Creamery Family!

It is always with great joy that we welcome the holiday season and share it with you. Here on the farm, our life is lived by rhythms – the rhythms of the seasons; the land’s fruitfulness and rest; our herd’s twice-daily, without-fail milking times; planting, harvesting, and preserving; making and waiting for ripening… We consider ourselves [...]

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4 Things To Love About October on the Farm

In our minds, autumn and farms belong together, and neither need any introduction to justify our praise of their virtues. So without further ado, here are 4 things we can all love about this season on our farm... Changing Colors  There is a particular beauty to every  season on our farm and different  pieces of [...]

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Embracing Autumn’s Arrival

"The season for enjoying the fullness of life ― partaking of the harvest, sharing the harvest with others, and reinvesting and saving portions of the harvest for yet another season of growth." ― Denis Waitley   Our farm may still be awash in green, but today is the first official day of Fall and we [...]

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The Gift of the Brown Swiss

What's in a Breed?... Isn’t there is something about the sight of a herd of cows grazing in a green pasture that does the heart good? As this sight becomes more and more rare in our part of the world, its impact becomes even more poignant. We love seeing guests smile contentedly when they first [...]

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“Staff Picks”: Farmer Chris

As you can imagine, one of the best things about working at Traders Point Creamery and The Loft Restaurant is the food! We love tapping into our staff members' affection for our products to let them share with you, in their own words, how they are inspired to eat well, cook creatively, and live vibrantly. [...]

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“Fascinated by the workings of the natural world”: An Interview with our Gardener

If you ever visit us and happen to pass by our organic garden at the front of our property, you won't be able to hover around the fringes for long. A friendly wave and a hearty welcome from our gardener Darin will invite you into the space to wander among the rows and experience the [...]

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