Recipes to Celebrate a Summer Holiday

No celebration is complete without good food, and we are firm believers that good food tastes better when shared with great people. When the food has been prepared with wholesome, organic ingredients, the reasons to celebrate just multiply! To assist in your weekend festivities, however large or small, we offer two recipes from our kitchen [...]

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6 Things to Love About Cheese for National Cheese Lovers Day!

Can there be a better day of the year than National Cheese Lovers Day? We can think of dozens of ways to celebrate this amazing food - and you probably can, too. To help you get started in honoring the almighty cheese, here are six fascinating facts about this darling of the dairy world... 1. If [...]

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Recipe: Bloomy Puff

Our Boone County Bloomy cheese is a darling little round with a light, brie-like flavor and a lovely soft mold-ripened rind. When tucked inside pastry, the Bloomy becomes like a perfect little present all wrapped up for the holidays! Add a touch of red jam and you are all set for a holiday party appetizer [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Cheese Lover

Our friendly Farm Store elves have put together a handy Holiday Gift Guide to help you find quality, unique gifts for some of the people on your list this year! Each week through Christmas we will be publishing a new guide, featuring special holiday items in our store, for a different type of person you [...]

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Tasting Notes from the Field: Fleur de la Terre

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but even the most perfect photos can’t always fully express the nature of an experience. Sometimes we look out on our pastures, with our herd grazing placidly and the breeze carrying scents of fresh earth and ripe grasses, and we wish that we could capture the [...]

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4 Things To Love About October on the Farm

In our minds, autumn and farms belong together, and neither need any introduction to justify our praise of their virtues. So without further ado, here are 4 things we can all love about this season on our farm... Changing Colors  There is a particular beauty to every  season on our farm and different  pieces of [...]

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Recipe: Baked Bloomy Crock

from the recipe files of The Loft Restaurant, compliments of our chef, Brandon Canfield... This recipe for our Bloomy Crock at The Loft Restaurant is great for a shared first course or appetizer. The beauty of this dish is its adaptability. You can use any ovenproof crock you prefer, but we use enameled cast iron [...]

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The Gift of the Brown Swiss

What's in a Breed?... Isn’t there is something about the sight of a herd of cows grazing in a green pasture that does the heart good? As this sight becomes more and more rare in our part of the world, its impact becomes even more poignant. We love seeing guests smile contentedly when they first [...]

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Feta-Dill Sauce

Fresh. Simple. Organic. It is tough to capture a whole lifestyle in three words, but when it comes to food (and really, life in general), we think those three just about take care of it. When you begin with a pure ingredient, as close as possible in taste, appearance, and chemistry to nat