At the heart of Easter is the celebration of new life and new beginnings. In the budding days of Spring here at our farm and creamery, it is easy to find signs of new life popping up everywhere. We relish the opportunity for you to join with us, from near or far, in delighting at the freshness, vitality, and nourishment that this season brings…

New Lemon-Lavender Ice Cream 

A new flavor as fresh as the season!
We are delighted to introduce our newest ice cream flavor – with a fresh taste worthy of its pure ingredients. Made with our 100% grassfed milk and cream, our ice cream can fit beautifully within a nourishing lifestyle. The bright lemon and herby lavender of our new flavor capture all the vibrance of this season, paying homage to the herbs and grasses that nourish our 100% grassfed herd.

Any day is a good day for ice cream, we think, but a special occasion like Easter is an added reason to celebrate with a scoop or two!

Newborn Calves

Just this afternoon, a new life entered the world here on our farm…in the form of a little curly-topped calf! He was our second calf of the season and was, like all our calves, conceived and born naturally here on our farm, making his grand entrance with the rest of the herd as witnesses. All the calves that stay at our farm remain with their mothers, nursing at her side, for several months; then they are moved to our Nurse Herd, where they continue to nurse and eat grass until they naturally wean several months later. When our practices mirror nature’s design as much as possible, we reap the rewards through healthy, flourishing animals who produce milk that is superior in taste and quality.

This kind of care begins with a calf’s first breath – and it is that first breath that we celebrate this Easter weekend.

New Little Chicks

Is there any more iconic Easter animal than the chick? In all their fluffy, peeping cuteness, they are a grand addition to a holiday celebration, and we are happy to have new little ones at our farm this Sunday for guests to see and touch (gently, of course). But for us they are more than simply a symbol of new life. They are a key piece in our integrated pasture-to-plate system. Our laying chickens are pasture-raised, and they thrive on the diverse, omnivorous diet they find in our fields. One look at their deep orange yolks will tell you just how well nourished they are (and, consequently, how nourishing their eggs are for us!). They follow our herd, after the cows have grazed a certain area, and help decomposition and fertilization processes that enrich the soil.

Celebrating their new little lives this weekend is actually celebrating the nourishing of life at all levels – microbes, plants, animals, and humans!