Real food tells a story. It’s the story of the soil where the plants grew, the kind of life the animals lived, the people who raised the food, the journey it took to arrive at the table. To create and serve dishes that honor these stories becomes the chef’s calling. Ours have been at work crafting several new dishes for our Lunch menu to feature flavors that tell the story of this transitional time between winter and spring here in the Midwest.

Spaghetti Squash Gratin
A vegetarian, cast iron dish destined to be loved by plant-based and meat eaters alike. Black pepper & spaghetti squash gratin rests on tomato sauce made and canned from last summer’s garden tomatoes. Topped with melted gruyere and fresh arugula.

Mushroom Porridge
Not your mama’s porridge! This savory dish features a blend of ancient grains – quinoa, amaranth, rice, and corn grits – with mushrooms and peas. Topped with chicken cracklins, fried egg aioli, and house-fermented cucumber, for a bit of late winter zippiness.

Kale Salad
Winter kale from various local gardens, sometimes in its baby stage, forms the foundation of this hearty salad. Red quinoa and pecan add depth and texture, accompanied by beets and shaved pear. Sheet’s Creek cheddar, our seasonal winter cheese, and red wine vinaigrette finish the dish.

Caesar Salad
A classic favorite to showcase winter lettuces and the pickled preserves, like capers and pickled red onion, that are staples in the winter larder. Parmesan vinaigrette made with 20 month aged parmesan from Wisconsin provides the classic Caesar flavor we all love.

Chicken Wrap
This wrap’s story begins with our chef Toby Moreno’s family flour tortilla recipe. Layered on top is grilled organic Indiana chicken breast with our creamery’s Brick Street tomme. Finished with agro dulce (“sweet & sour”) onions, red leaf lettuce, roasted shallot vinaigrette, and soy-pickled egg that was pickled with non-GMO Kentucky Bluegrass Soy Sauce.

Turkey Sandwich
The layers tell the tale in this delicious toasted sandwich. Base layer is roasted pasture-raised turkey breast from Becker Farms in Mooreland, Indiana. Our Fleur de la Terre cheese is smoked by our chefs then melted on the sandwich, along with bacon and colorful, crunchy harissa broccoli slaw.

Pork Belly & Potatoes
Our chefs’ Midwest version of poutine. Pork belly from our own pastured, whey-fed pigs is braised and layered in a cast iron skillet with roasted red potatoes, melted cheese curd, roasted broccoli, and caramelized onion veloute. Cold-weather comfort food at its most nourishing and delicious!

Bright colors and lots of preserved foods characterize this lovely dish. Beet-cured lox rests atop a crispy hash brown with our creamery’s herb fromage blanc. Capers, pickled red cabbage, and cured egg yolk from our pasture-raised hens do our winter larder proud. Finished with frisee for freshness.

When you enjoy these dishes, you become part of the story from the farm to the table.

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