Real food tells a story. It’s the story of the soil where the plants grew, the kind of life the animals lived, the people who raised the food, the journey it took to arrive at the table. To create and serve dishes that honor these stories becomes the chef’s calling. Ours have been at work crafting several new dishes for our Lunch menu to feature flavors that tell the story of this transitional time between winter and spring here in the Midwest.

grilled broccoli, parsnip hummus, curry pickled cauliflower, herbed TPC whey (GF)

lyonnaise potato, pickled peppers, Jonah crab, sauce gribiche (GF)

Bowl of Cottage
TPC cottage cheese, spice berry pepper, crushed pistachio, sunflower oil, TPC sourdough

Farmstead Pork
preparation of the day

Lamb Trio
grilled lamb chop, roasted giardinera, creamy farrow with lamb bacon, confit leg, preserved blueberry pan jus

Grassfed Steak
today’s cut, spaghetti squash gratin, roasted garlic spinach, aged balsamic (GF)

Hay Smoked Salmon
beet cured and smoked salmon, pickled pumpernickel, rosti, shaved beets, horseradish fromage, juniper caper vinaigrette

When you enjoy these dishes, you, too, become part of the story from the farm to the table.

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