Our Milk

Toxin-Free Glass

Our milks are available in 32 oz. quart glass containers

We strongly believe that cows raised on a 100% grassfed diet and free to roam in the pasture produce one of the most healthful, nutritionally complete foods known to man: milk. Taste just how delicious “healthy” can be!

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Whole Milk

Chocolate Milk


Our Milk is available for purchase at our Farm Store, in returnable glass bottles.


We are USDA-certified by Indiana Certified Organic and surpass all requirements with rotational grazing systems. Thus, our milk is produced without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, synthetic hormones, or antibiotics.

100% Grassfed

Our milk comes from cows that are raised entirely on pastures using a rotational grazing system that maximizes soil and grass health, resulting in milk that is exceptionally high in omega-3s, CLAs, and key vitamins like A & D. Our animals never receive any grain or corn.


While we do pasteurize our milk, we do not homogenize it because the process changes the fat molecules from their natural state, preventing them from separating as they naturally would. The homogenization process, which disperses the fat molecules evenly throughout the milk, can make it more difficult for our bodies to recognize and properly assimilate these beneficial fats.

Creamline, Full Fat

In grassfed milk, health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, and vitamins A and D are found in the fat or cream. For this reason, our products contain primarily whole milk, so that our bodies can make the best use of the rich nutrients found in our milk. We also use vat pasteurization that is a gentler method intended to protect the beneficial fats and enzymes naturally present in the milk. Our full-fat products provide full nutrition and full flavor!

Our Chocolate Milk

Our rich and creamy chocolate milk has been compared to melted chocolate ice cream, and more than a fair number of customers have confessed to being addicted to it. We use our 100% grassfed whole milk, premium Dutch-style organic chocolate, and organic dehydrated cane sugar juice for a chocolate milk that is heavy on the chocolate and light on the sugar.


“I have been selling and eating your yogurt for some time. I have identified to my team members the importance of a brand like yours, and that very few producers are as transparent and walk the walk and talk the talk like Traders Point does. From organic, grass fed, full fat, non- homogenized, served in glass, and dedication to education, you make me want to visit Zionsville and see it all in the works.”
- Bob

“The complexity and character of this milk is a refreshing and welcome change. Its rich, smooth, buttery flavor is complemented by earthy undertones thanks to the grass feeding. I look forward to finding Traders Point Creamery products in my kitchen from now on.”

- John S.

“It is the best milk I have ever had. The chocolate milk is a dessert in a drink. For me, a growing 18 year old boy, it is the perfect muscle recovery. It will continue to drink this chocolate milk after the gym.”

- Simon
“YOU……..GUYS!!!!!!! I bought some of your chocolate milk and banana mango yogurt on recommendation by someone at the store. It was so good I almost cried. It was so good, both products are now gone.”
- Tenika
“As an allergy and sensitivity elimination Practitioner I see many individuals with dairy sensitivities. Telling you I am out there sending people to Traders Point where they may find less adulterated dairy products!!!”
- Karen, RN

“I have never liked nor enjoyed chocolate milk, and I have tried tons of it, however Traders Point Creamery was outstanding and delicious with a taste that compares to none. I will buy this over any kind of other chocolate milk no matter the cost.”

- Breanna