Our Eggnog

Nourish your holidays with our Traditional Eggnog, made with organic milk and cream!

This specialty seasonal product is available during the holiday season.

Ingredients: organic, 100% grassfed whole milk, organic evaporated cane juice, organic cream, organic skim milk, organic egg yolk, organic nutmeg, organic carrageenan.

For our eggnog, we believe real ingredients and a simple, traditional recipe are best: organic cream with egg yolks, a bit of organic evaporated cane juice & a dash of nutmeg!

Made from organic, 100% grassfed unhomogenized milk which is minimally processed, this eggnog is closer in taste and nutrition to homemade versions than most store-bought varieties. We go light on the sugar and emphasize the rich creaminess of the whole milk and cream.

True holiday cheer for your taste buds and your health!

“Just learned that ‘peace on earth good will to men’ is synonymous to a pint of @TPCreamery eggnog. Bravo farmers & cows, bravo!”
- @brezizzle
“I just want to say thank you so much for carrying eggnog that is not homogenized. I can not have homogenized milks and am always bummed when eggnog always comes out. This is great when I don’t feel like making my own.”
- anonymous
“My mother made eggnog every year at Christmas time and it was wonderful.  I’m a single person so to make a large batch I need to have a large party and don’t always have the time during the holidays. I purchased yours and tasted it last night.  It actually brought tears to my eyes as my Mother died a few years ago and when I had my first taste I could see my Mom.  It tastes so close to what her home made tasted like. No one will know what “real” eggnog tastes like until they taste yours. EXCELLENT  and tasty product!!!!”
- Diane
“I have just flat-out hated eggnog for a long time. [But] when I was at a local Whole Foods the other day and spotted a brand of premium eggnog from an organic Indiana dairy that one of my best friends there swears by, I thought: it’s Christmas, and everyone deserves a second chance…And that bottle of Traders Point Creamery Eggnog has made me a convert.”
- Northwest State of Mind blog