Colors define us – who we are and what we stand for. As Americans, we pledge allegiance to the “Red, White & Blue.” Watch any news channel right now and you’ll find maps of the U.S. peppered with red and blue. Pink, and its signature ribbon, pops up in all kinds of places, including NFL uniforms. Our favorite teams and causes all have their signature colors that we rally around.

At Traders Point Creamery, if we had to associate ourselves with one color it would be GREEN (and what better time to celebrate our emerald allegiance than St. Patrick’s Day!).

Here’s why…


Green is the first sign of spring on our farm here in the Heartland, and it is the color traditionally associated with life and renewal. We believe that a flourishing life and renewed wellbeing can be enjoyed in every season of life, from our earliest days to our final breath. If we are about anything at Traders Point Creamery it is this: to nourish. Truly nourishing food must begin long before a dairy product reaches a store shelf. We believe it begins with the quality of soil in the pastures where our animals graze. It begins with vigilant care for our cows and our land without the damage caused by synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, antibiotics, and growth hormones. It begins with minimally invasive production methods that result in full-fat, unhomogenized products that can deliver optimal nutrition in the way that is most accessible to our bodies’ natural design. It begins with putting our product in meticulously sourced glass packaging that won’t leach toxins and won’t overburden landfills. We pay attention to nurturing vibrant health from the soil to the spoon so that you can experience vitality and energy – not just in spring but every day, all year long.

100% Grassfed

There’s more than just beauty in the green pastures where our herds graze. There is nutrition. The dozens of green grass and herb species in our pastures capture the sun’s energy and nutrients from the soil, packaging them into a deceptively simple powerhouse of nutrition. Cows, because of their ruminant digestive systems, can digest the plant cell walls and unlock these nutrients, while we humans cannot. According to this natural design, bovines flourish on a diverse, grass-based diet. Rotational grazing methods keep our animals outdoors and on the move, so that fresh air, sunshine, activity, and a 100% grass diet work synergistically to create incredibly healthy cows. When they produce milk rich in omega-3s, CLA, essential vitamins, and good fats, their health becomes our health.

Environmental Sustainability & Stewardship

Green has come to be known as the symbolic color of the environmental movement, whose ethic of sustainability shapes our agricultural and production practices. It is our responsibility, as a company and as a culture, to be as attentive to the wellbeing of our environment as to the wellbeing of our bodies. The beautiful thing is this: Eating to nourish our bodies also means eating to nourish the land, the environment, and the future. Practiced well, sustainable agriculture relies on deep-rooted principles to apply innovative practices for long-lasting change. This kind of change doesn’t happen overnight, and it does require taking the long view. Which is why when we look out today at our freshly greening pastures, set against the still bare trees of winter, we remain mindful that we are not the first to occupy and care for this land, nor will we be the last. To leave it at least as fertile and promising as we found it – perhaps better, if our efforts are rewarded – is both our responsibility and our privilege. It is a responsibility we share with all those who share this world with us. And that gives us more than just a wee bit of confidence in our efforts, and more than plenty of hope.

Thanks for being part of making a greener world with us! What does green look like in your life?