Chief amongst the reasons to love early summer is the arrival of strawberry season. Is there anything better than the vibrant ruby red and melt-in-your-mouth flavor of a freshly-picked strawberry? We’re talking about strawberries like your grandmother knew them – scarlet, tender, on the small side (compared to the average grocery store variety) but mighty in their flavor, with just the right blend of sweetness and tang. Here on the farm, our garden and kitchen are celebrating these delightful berries during June…

The strawberry beds are flourishing this year in our organic garden, under the watchful care of our gardener. The yield was slim last year after a relocation of the strawberry beds, but the plants have repaid in full this year and our patience has earned its reward. Just yesterday we couldn’t help stopping our gardener on his way up to the kitchen with the day’s harvest so we could snap this shot of freshly-picked strawberries with our freshly-scooped ice cream. A match made in heaven, don’t you think?

Last weekend our Dinner and Dessert features at The Loft Restaurant highlighted strawberries. Our chef’s local rabbit dish with blonde morels was topped with green strawberry salsa verde – a unique way to enjoy those not-quite-ripe berries!
The strawberry shortcake dessert featured black pepper-thyme biscuits made with our Fleur de la Terre cheese and topped with local strawberries from Fence Line Farm and balsamic whipped cream. You can understand why the guest response was overwhelming!
The dessert at our open-air Dinner on the Garden Deck this Friday night will also spotlight our garden’s strawberries in a Strawberry Fool that we are all eagerly anticipating as the perfect finale for the menu of our farm-raised pastured chicken with grilled asparagus and garden-fresh sides.
Watch for more strawberry-inspired dishes to come from our chef and our kitchen…

You, too, can share in our strawberry joy by coming to our Fridays on the Farm celebration this Friday evening to purchase organic strawberries from our garden, placed directly into your hands by our gardener’s hands. Then have fun creating in your own kitchen with the berries – and be sure to let us know about your most marvelous creations!