When we opened as Traders Point Creamery in 2003, we were the first USDA-certified organic dairy farm in the state of Indiana – a designation that put us on the frontlines of what quickly became a fast-growing movement in farming and food production. We felt honored to provide nourishing, delicious dairy for our community. Over the next 15 years, that community expanded from our own farm in Zionsville until it stretched from coast to coast; customers from California to Connecticut could find our brand on their shelves. Along the way we enlarged our farmstead experience to include a full-service restaurant and space for special events. In the midst of the ever-changing landscape of food production in our country, we maintained our commitment to providing nutritious dairy and to reconnecting consumers to their food. That commitment still stands today.

Over time, we have felt the tug back towards the place and production scale that fueled our vision in the early days. More than anything, we desire for our customers to have a personal connection with great, well-raised food and exposure to a kind of farming that honors the land, animals, and those who care for them. At a certain scale, that kind of connection is simply not possible.

And so, we are bringing our brand back home. By renewing our roots as an Indiana and Midwest brand, we can offer you, our customers and community, a more authentic and intimate experience of the food we raise, craft, and serve. It is immensely important to us that we are not just a brand but a place – a place where you can come for eating, learning, exploring, and celebrating. A place where we craft small-batch 100% grassfed products, serve seasonally-anchored organic food, and share our beautiful farm with private parties, corporate groups, families, students, and visitors of all kinds. This place is the heart of who we are, and if it has taught us anything, it is that if you have to go big or go home, sometimes home is right where you should be.

There are fewer roadmaps for how to come back home than how to leave. So as we invite you to share in the excitement of this season of renewal for us, we also covet your patience and continued loyalty. Although there will be some changes in distribution and product availability, our farm will always be your home for our organic, 100% grassfed dairy. Consider it also your home for good food and the great outdoors. There is so much to savor and celebrate, from the pastures to the party barn and your plate. Expect more occasions to do just that as we move forward, mindful of our mission and eager to enjoy with you the things that grow from deep roots.