Last autumn, we issued an open letter about “bringing our brand back home” – back to our roots as an Indiana company and a farm-based food experience (if you would like to read that letter, click here). Much like the gradual unfolding of one season into the next, these kinds of changes take shape over time. In the months since that first announcement, our direction has developed more definition, and we are now excited to announce how we have brought our brand back home.

Farmstead Dairy Production
As we grew over the years since our founding in 2003, our milk supply and production scale evolved accordingly. We partnered with several other organic, 100% grassfed farms and moved our Grade A production to a much larger facility down the road.

We have now returned to the model of our early days, with sole milk supply from our own herd of cows and all production occurring at our farm. In the world of artisan dairy, we are now officially “farmstead” – all our products are crafted with milk sourced on the same property where they are made. This approach makes our pasture-product-plate connection even more intimate and authentic, and it means that when you enjoy our dairy products, you can come see the very same cows who supply that milk.

New Returnable Bottle
We knew our renewed identity needed a new look, and we’re happy to introduce a refreshingly simple new quart bottle, with our commitment to glass packaging remaining central to who we are. These new bottles will further lighten our environmental footprint by eliminating the plastic wrapping and diverting that waste from landfills.

Also, with these new bottles, we are implementing a system for customers like you to return your glass bottles so that we can reuse them. Many of you have asked about this kind of program for years, and we are excited to now have it in place!

Local Distribution
Our new farm-based production places a strong emphasis on experiencing what we have to offer directly by visiting us. As we said in our first letter, it is immensely important to us that we are not just a brand but a place – a place where you can come for eating, learning, exploring, and celebrating. We invite you to come see us and do your dairy shopping right here on our farm – where you can meet the cows, see the cheese wheels aging while you dine in our restaurant, and peer through the production room window when you stop at the outdoor dairy bar. Our dairy products will now primarily be available at our farm store, along with some independent Indiana grocers.

We hope you will agree there is much to be gained by bringing our brand back home in these ways. In the midst of this growth, there are some things that we’ve had to let go. Our product line has had to adjust, and we will no longer be crafting our yogurt. We remain committed to keeping excellence and sustainability at the center of our craftsmanship, taking into account our animals, milk supply, and economics. Although our yogurt no longer fits within this framework, we will continue to provide you with the most nourishing artisan dairy products: whole milk, chocolate milk, cheese, cottage cheese, butter, eggnog, and ice cream – all in keeping with our mission to supply organic, 100% grassfed milk to our community.

The heartbeat of our mission has always been to care well for the lives we touch – land, animals, and people. You have been our partners, supporters, and friends through all the seasons of our life here at Traders Point Creamery, and it feels good, after these months of transition, to be here in the place we have carved out to share with you. Our farm and restaurant are our home and yours, and you are invited to come share the pleasures of good food, the great outdoors, and deep roots.

As always, we love hearing from you, so please feel free to reach out and let us know what is on your mind!