In our minds, autumn and farms belong together, and neither need any introduction to justify our praise of their virtues. So without further ado, here are 4 things we can all love about this season on our farm…

  1. Changing Colors

unnamed-63 There is a particular beauty to every  season on our farm and different  pieces of this place to love  throughout the changing year. But  autumn is without a doubt the most  visually magnificent season, and we  are thrilled to witness right now the turning of the leaves in the woods that surround our farm. The sugar maples adorn themselves in shades of scarlet, and the sycamores become almost luminous in their golden yellow leaves. It is a beautiful time of year to come take our self-guided Farm Walk and Nature Hike that will guide you through the woods along Eagle Creek and offer some splendid views of our pastures fringed y autumn’s colors. The hike is available from 10:30 to 3pm everyday (must be on the trail by 2pm), so just stop by our store and pay $2 to secure your pass and map!


  1. Haying

Our farmers have just finished gathering in from our pastures the hay that will sustain our herd in the coming winter months. Summer’s grasses have dried into autumn’s hay, and after much labor behind the tractor wheel, we now have round bales of hay and long marshmallow-like bags of silage – the yield of 240 acres that our farm team managed over the spring and summer. By baling our own hay, we are able to control the quality of the forage (aka grazing grasses) and ensure not only its organic standards but also the nutritional profile that is best suited to our animals. This time of year there is nothing more picturesque than the harvested bales of hay, and we are grateful that they are both beautiful and useful on our farm.


  1. Our Milk’s Character Changing with the Season

As a 100% grassfed dairy farm, our cows and the milk they produce are affected by seasonal changes, just like the rest of the natural world. We consider this a benefit to our holistic, low-input approach that aims to mimic nature’s design as much as possible. As the temperatures begin to lower this time of year, our cows really enjoy the reprieve from the stress of summer’s heat, and they show their gratitude by higher milk yields. In addition to being more plentiful, our milk these days is also higher in butterfat content – sometimes even higher than our usual 4% – and has a richer, fuller flavor than during the late summer months. This is evidence to us that our cows are quite happy, and consequently so are we. Milk this time of year is ideal for making our award-winning Fleur de la Terre cheese, which our cheesemakers did just last week. The shelves of our cheese cave are eager for its arrival!


  1. New Calves

unnamed-61Fall is one of the prime calving times on our farm, and we have been welcoming several little ones these past few weeks. Here are two of the newest members of our herd! They are patiently waiting for their mothers to finish milking in the parlor so they can walk back out to the pasture together. There is nothing quite as wonderful as watching calves skip about the pastures against a backdrop of colorful autumn leaves.


What are you finding to love this season? Please do leave us a comment and let us know, so we can share in the autumn joy with you!